January 04, 2021

BC Covid Update & Religious Suppression


Pastor René McIntyre of Trumpet of Truth Church joins us to talk about her recent summons for organizing a gathering of over 100 people.

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  1. it'ts part of their depopulation of the world that they talk about along with abortions . it seems to be working!Probably getting paid lots just to say what shes told. communism is on its way.

  2. Laura-Lynn have you written a letter to Dr henry? I am thinking of doing this as a concerned BC resident.

  3. I so appreciate your ministry Laura Lynn. I do believe we are actually do know what this evil agenda is. ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP.. and they hate those who are in tune with God because we stand in their way. Our God is greater and though it may seem like they are gaining ground but God is still God in control of the nations is never stops working on the behalf of those that believe and trust Him. Never fails! I have experienced His mighty power over and over again. In the darkest of moments God comes through.
    I love when you share what you get from the Word at the end of each session you are on. Always encouraging. I have been asked by a sister in the Lord who was in our fellowship and now goes to Rene’ McIntyre’s as she lives down that way and she encouraged me to watch this session and it was so inspiring and what you shared at the end was as well. Keep up the great work! My husband Calvin and I follow you and pray for you and your family and all those working with you. Our prayers will be with Rene’ as well. I just pray more pastors would wake up and stand up as she has. There is another pastor in Almer Ontario who has taken a great stand and his whole congregation has been fined. Paster Henry Hildebracandt who is German and strong. The whole church is under attack and he might be someone you might want to interview. Thanks for for your love and care for the nations and God bless you mightily in Jesus name.
    Our prayer for you and all those with you is Numbers 6:24-26 and Psalms 20.