March 23, 2021

Quarantine & Integrity in Policing

Quarantine, Free Pastor Coates & Integrity in Policing With Guests, Len Faul from Police on guard for thee, Hazel Hill & Daniel Bordman.

 Link: Police on Guard

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  1. When I see seven billion brainwash by MkUltra
    I feel I am able to predict the future. 4 times more black males than white males are susceptible to autism from the vaccination schedule. I see a similar situation for North American Aboriginals. I predict it applies Covid and the vaccinations as well. As for Covert planned extermination. I consider suppressing Propolaxis mass murder of possibility millions. Part of Bill Gates agenda to exterminate 90% of humanity. Propolaxis is 99% plus successful in preventing hospitalization.

  2. All medical Covid advice is brain washing by misinformation and falsifying databases designed to create false fear and sabotage propolaxis of both flue and Covid that would make vaccines unnecessary (common asthma inhalant Budesonide. Ivermectin,Quinine, vit D, vit C,vit B and zinc and magnesium etc.) Looking after your immune system would allow the whole population to acquire herd immunity for every new variation.