April 09, 2021

Don't Panic

Author/Historian Sean Arthur Joyce joins us to discuss how history can inform today's crisis and also how it informs today's immunology. In the second segment, Paul Dirks will tell what's good about Hell. In our third segment newly minted internet super sensation Pastor Artur Pawlowski can hopefully find time in his busy US television appearance schedule to join us. 

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  1. Go to jdfarag.org you have to go to his website banned from utube. Watch prophecy updates. Behold Israel Amir Tsarfati for what's going on in Middle East.

  2. The rapture of church is at the door. Also go to Gary Hamrick Calvary pastor. Has videos on book of revelation.

  3. Turkey Iran and Russia will invade Israel. God will annhilate all but 1/3 of Russian army. Ezekial 38 war. Damascus will fall first. Church raptured. The antichrist revealed after 3 1/2 years. Jesus take His bride the church first. The Holy Spirit is removed before antichrist revealed. Tribulation not for church.

  4. World War III!
    a. Bacteriological Warfare.
    b. Economic Warfare.
    c. Disinformation.

  5. https://go2.thetruthaboutcancer.com/final-chapter/episode-2/