November 22, 2021

Arm the Battalions

We are very Pastor-centric today as Pastor Art Pawlowski joins us to talk about his new organization called The Solidarity Movement of Canada. After that, Pastors Hubick, Dubois and Severson from Saskatoon will join us to talk about the state of the church in Canada and religious exemptions. 

Solidarity Movement

Life Outreach Exemption

Show Resources

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  1. Hi Laura-Lynn
    Wanted to make sure you are aware of FLCCC. Here is a link to a great video with great doctors.

    Flccc has a Telegram Page.

    Here's a video you will like about why people believe the media. It's from PandemicPodcast.

    Stay well.

  2. Veering off topic: My Abbotsford, (BC) church recently had to close for two weeks. The "reason"? Two attendees/congregants(?)--I'm not sure which--were (somehow) caught in the "case" net. Two people. The church ordered to close for two weeks. They've reopened; after the BC health lords "sanitized" the entire (huge) church. Perhaps they arrived in hazmat suits. Question: Several hundreds of shoppers pass daily through Walmart; Superstore, and other well known big box stores. Surely Covid "positive" (phony PCR test) customers pass through unnoticed. Why don't the BC Health lords shut them down for a few hours/day-And "sanitize" them? Can't shut them down for two weeks; they're "essential." (Yes; certainly stores that sell food.) But--Closing a church for two weeks? I won't mention the name of the church; but it has a capacity for about three thousand people. It's generally packed on weekends. Two (phony PCR?) "cases" and the church has to close its doors for two weeks. My beef? The church went along w/ the health lord "order." I'm not accusing them of obeying Caesar; just sayin'.

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  4. I previously deleted the following comment. It looked fine in the preview; but the published version had large gaps between words. We'll see how this one appears: Franklin Graham developed pericarditis; presumably following an injection--or two. After pushing it on other Christians; it seems more than likely he took it himself. He then suffers a sudden; serious heart problem." Safe and effective!"