November 12, 2021

Dr. Patrick Phillips They are Coming for the Kids

Ontario doctor, Patrick Phillips joins us to talk about why you should not give the vaccine to children and if you are pregnant, why you should not take it. 

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  1. Thank you. After alan watt died, i tryed picking the truth out of tbe alex jones show. Like trying to pick food out of a garbage can.
    I love your show . The vitamin d doctor is a dummy, but you are kind to him.
    Women. I don't believe that a ritual of asking god into your heart is .... an inattention into his club.
    1 in 10 is capable of seeking the truth. The crist , that is in me, as it is in you. As it is in everyone.
    I'm not even a Christian.
    But i love your show. And i just wanted to say . Thank you.

  2. Anonymous? No its me peter luscombe

  3. No one else? Okay good .
    I was wondering how can the natives be so stupid to trust the white mans vaccine.
    They rapped and murdered your children. ( why did you do nothing then? ) . How hard is it to kill a priest and his nuns in 1970. In Williams lake bc we could hear gunfire in town, as the young natives killed each other because of rap music gang life.
    Nope , Trudeau is sorry. Very sorrow, he want's to help the natives... you guys get your shots before the white healthcare workers.
    Because you are useless eaters.
    You are first in line for your boosters.
    Because the world revolves around the natives. No need for survival instincts, white man honors you. With a special vaccine to keep all the useless eaters safe.