23 June 2021

President of the Philippines Threatens to Jail People Who Reject Vaccine

Joseph Salvador, from It's Just Another Ordinary Joe Show, joins us to talk about President Duterte's threat to jail those who refuse COVID-19 vaccines. Also, Remigio Pereira, formerly of The Tenors, will tell us about his experience of being fired from the group after holding up an All Lives Matter sign during the Canadian Anthem. Floyd Brobbel from The Voice of the Martyrs Canada will talk about the increasing persecutions of Christians in Canada. And finally, internet-sensation Pastor Art Pawlowski, will join us from somewhere in the US to talk about what is happening down there.

If you are wanting to find out more, here are the contacts in Ottawa and Vancouver of the Philippines Embassy.

  • Republic of Philippines Consul in Ottawa; 30 Murray Street; Ottawa, ON; K1N 5M4; (+1)613-233-1121
  • Republic of Philippines Consul in Vancouver; 999 Canada Place Suite 660; Vancouver, BC; V6C 3E1; (+1)604-685-1619

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