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20 January 2022

The UK Ends Mandates! Is This Also The End Of Restrictions In Canada?

The UK ends vaccine and mask mandates country-wide, Canadian children incite Covid propaganda, and more truths are revealed about government lies surrounding Covid early treatment. Laura-Lynn also interviews four Canadian nurses who have been fired from their jobs, to talk about Covid protocols back east and their experiences over the last few months. Furthermore, Dr. Roger Hodkinson joins Laura-Lynn to discuss irresponsible lockdowns and mandates by governments in North America. Dr. Roger Hodkinson is a board-certified pathologist in the US and Canada, a clinical researcher and Medical Director of ‘Virology & Medical Research Laboratories’. Highly experienced in the field of virology, infectious diseases, and molecular diagnostics, Dr. Hodkinson has been outspoken against the government’s irresponsible policies surrounding treatment and response to Covid-19. 

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