Live with Dr. Bryan Ardis


Dr. Bryan Ardis, whom I met in San Diego a few weeks ago, joins me to talk about many current topics today, including: Artur Pawlowski, Remdesivir and more Covid News!

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  1. Hallo Laura Lynn, Thank you so much for your incredible ministry,
    Dr Bryan Ardis is correct. We are in "the great culling".
    In 2003 Dr Rima Laibow was in her drug free medical practice in New York State. One of her patients was a female royal head of state, one day whilst visiting Dr Rima, this woman said "Its almost time for the great culling to begin, she went on to explain that they the neo aristocrats want to get rid of the mercantile era & usher in a neo feudal system - Their selves at the top, then servants, then technicians - after that they only need 10% of the worlds population,
    the other 90% are useless eaters & must be culled.
    Dr Rima became very concerned & asked who was behind all of this -
    the head of state told her that there is a council of seven men & they determine which countries rise & fall, in her world they refer to them as the seven dwarfs!
    This video can be found on Rumble: Dr Rima Laibow Jesse Vent she knew what was coming (short clip)
    The full documentary can be found on BitChute: Season 1 Episode 5
    Secret Societies Dr Rima appears at apx 28 minutes into the episode.
    This is just one example of this encounter, Dr Laibow has spoken many times over the years, trying to inform & educate people.
    Over the years she has been an advocate for informed consent.
    Dr Rima Laibow is a very compassionate & caring person, she can be found at:
    "The Natural Solutions health Foundation"
    Thank you for letting me write this & God Bless you Laura Lynn
    Susan Davies

    She can be found at "The Natural Solutions Foundation"



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