18 August 2022

BREAKING: Child Not Allowed Transfusion With Un-Vaccinated Blood

A child, who requires life-saving treatments and transfusions, is being denied transfusions of unvaccinated blood by request of his mother; the hospital is even denying the mother the opportunity to donate her blood in order to help her son. Cindy MacDonald, an east-coast representative of Canadian Frontline Nurses, joins me on the show today to discuss the heartbreaking case, and be an advocate for this child. Tanya Gaw, from Action4Canada, also joins the show to discuss what can be done for this family, and for others experiencing the same treatment.

Cindy’s resource:

“Vaccine” Notice of Liability

Notice when threatened with experimental COVID injection, mask, or testing

NOL against rapid antigen testing

Action4Canada medical directive

Supreme Court ruling against forced medical treatment

Testimony: 10-year-old heart attack

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