21 October 2022

Live with Maxime Bernier on Trudeau’s Gun Ban and Canada’s Abandonment of Civil Rights

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  1. Whatever happens with this inquiry, it really means nothing. This is not a trial, there will be no consequences or convictions, other than millions of tax $$$ being paid to turn out some 300 page report that will collect dust in Ottawa.

    When will proceedings begin on those who forced the experimental jabs on gullible citizens around the world and are STILL pushing them now? THAT is what I am waiting to hear. I noticed that no active politicians here in Canada have even commented on the recent statements from Rob Roos in Europe. At least over there they are doing something. I'm guessing criminal trials in Europe are not far off.

    Maxime is just wasting his time wandering around Canada now, talking to handfuls of people. It's actually sad. The only chance here for any real change is with the PCs. They are not the best but they CAN topple Trudeau, the polls show that without a doubt.