28 December 2023

Are We Being Punked?

Do they think we are stupid? Epic agendas are failing, their hatred of Trump has poisoned their souls. How do we navigate 2024?

So, This Was Christmas

Year end review and an update on the Coutt’s boys with Granny MacKay.

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Founder and President of the American Center for Democracy, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, joins us today. We talk about the power of propaganda and how even today, it is shaping narratives like the Hamas/Israel conflict.

American Centre for Democracy:

Political Prisoners & Political Pawns

Tim Rivers from J6 Patriot news joins us today to talk about the way that January 6th protesters are being jailed and used as political pawns. In response to this, he has written a book called ‘The American Gulag Chronicles’. The book is a collection of letters from incarcerated January 6th hostages. He also runs the Patriot Mail Project which allows anyone to write letters to the prisoners.

J6 Patriot News:

J6 Mail:

20 December 2023

Understanding the Axis of Evil

Author of Nehemiah Strong, John Dyslin joins us today to talk about knowing the biblical and moral response to evil, how to take informed political action and knowing your rights.

John Dyslin:

Small Victories in a Large Battle

In the first segment, we are joined by Clay Clark. Clay is a business coach and entrepreneur and the driving force behind the ReAwaken America tour. We will talk about Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s recent speech at his event in California. In our second segment Carrie Sakemoto will be here to detail her vaccine injury horror story and the kind of abuse she endured after submitting a report to the Vaccine Injury Program. Although she was eventually compensated, she still suffers from facial paralysis and some significant hearing loss and other health concerns.

ReAwaken America Tour:

Why It Is Urgent to Leave the UN & WHO

Dr. Rima Laibow is our guest today and she will be here to talk about her efforts to get the United States out of the UN/WHO and all related bodies and obligations.

Prevent Genocide 2030:

Open Source Truth:

You’re Not Paranoid, Your Phone Is Watching You!

Cyrus Nooriala, the CEO of Cywest Communications joins us today. Cyrus will talk about how your phone and even your smart TV can be used to spy on you. He says that you never know who may be watching you and to learn to protect yourself by putting blockers on your phone camera.

Cywest's Website:

The Invasion Of The West

War correspondent, author and analyst, Michael Yon joins us today to talk about some of the big issues happening around the world concerning mass migration. We will talk about China’s plan to make the world Chinese by de-stabilizing western governments with mass migration caravans meant to financially bankrupt countries.

Michael Yon:

13 December 2023

Take One More Look At Maxime Bernier

PPC party leader Maxime Bernier joins us today. We will talk about what the appropriate approach to immigration should be, pro Hamas protests in Canada and how it challenges the right to free expression and what a Trudeau-less Canada might look like.

PPC's Website:

Are We Becoming Communist China?

Xi Van Fleet was a survivor of the horrors of Mao’s communism. After Mao died, she was able to go to college and learn English. She now resides in the United States and devotes her time and energy warning about the parallels between Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China and what’s unfolding in America today.

Mao's America - A Survivor's Warning:

12 December 2023

UN Agenda 2030 Relentlessly Bearing Down On Us

Hosts of The Fringe Majority Report, Jody Ledgerwood, and Cris Vleck will join us today. Jody & Cris attended the UN SDG event held in September of this year in New York City. The UN claims that only 15% of their goals are on track and that a global rescue plan is required. The UN claims that there is a war on nature and their must be an end to the triple planetary crisis caused by climate change, pollution and lack of biodiversity.

Truth for Media Report:

Follow Truth for Media Report on X:

8 December 2023

The Invasion Caravan with Anthony Rubin

Independent journalist Anthony Rubin joins us today. Anthony is on the ground in South and Central America covering the migrant caravans that are heading towards the U.S. southern border. He as discovered that a lot of the migrants are Chinese nationals and that there is a handbook explaining exactly how to make their way to the border, including which hotels and taxi services to use.

Muckraker Website:

Muckraker on Rumble:

7 December 2023

Canada’s Opioid and Drug Crisis

Film director and founder of Vek Labs, Andrew Peloso joins us today to talk about Canada’s opioid crisis. Andrew has travelled across North America and Europe. This international experience broadened his perspective and added depth to his storytelling.

Andrew Peloso:

6 December 2023

Is AI the Beginning of the War Against Humanity?

Author Joe Allen will join us today to talk about transhumanism and the threat to humanity that AI might present.

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Live with Naomi Wolf: White Lung Disease from China

Dr. Naomi Wolf joins us today and we will be discussing the latest panic inducing disease of the year: White Lung Disease. Is it different from the Chinese pneumonia outbreak?

Dr. Naomi Wolf is a bestselling author, columnist, and professor; she is a graduate of Yale University and received a doctorate from Oxford. She is cofounder and CEO of Daily Clout, a successful civic tech company.

Daily Clout Website:

5 December 2023

Mel K on Global Pandemonium

Truth Seeker and podcaster, Mel K, joins us today to connect the dots and discuss globalism, technocracy, green energy policies, the efforts to eliminate nation-states, and our own self-determination.

The Mel K Show:

The Israeli-Palestinian-Hamas Conflict Unraveled

Lebanese-born pastor Georges Antonios joins us today to work through the complicated history of Israel & Palestine.

Georges Antonios' YouTube:

Accounts of October 7th Attack:

Hope Baptist Church:

1 December 2023

The Rise of the Deborahs with Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel joins us today to talk about the US open border, how that ties into the increase in child and adult trafficking, the concern over Joe Biden’s seemingly senile behaviour, and other current issues.
We also will play some of my recent interviews with dutch journalist Eva Vlaardingerbroek and MEP Christine Anderson.

29 November 2023

Misinformation, Disinformation: Who Should Get To Decide?

Andrew DeBartolo, Director of Operations for Liberty Coalition Canada, joins us to discuss the left’s obsession with controlling public information. Our Prime Minister has recently signed on with the European Union in an effort to combat what they call "online disinformation".

Additionally, children’s author, Shefflorn Ballantyne, joins us to talk about his book No Dress for Timmy. The book places shows children the principles needed to fight these Satanic gender ideologies, even in the absence of their parents.

Liberty Coalition Canada:

Shefflorn Ballantyne's Website:

How Obama Disastrously Transformed the United States

American author Scott McKay is here to discuss that some of the chaos currently in the United States was implemented by Barack Obama. He shows that by guile, dishonesty, ruthlessness, boundless support from a starstruck media - and, yes, surface charm -, a man without prior achievement was able to reach the nation's highest office; and then abuse his power for ends wholly alien to the American creed.

Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama:

Net Zerø is Communism: 15 Minute Cities

Lawyer Lisa Miron joins us today to talk about a serious threat to our liberties: 15 minute cities. We will talk about how the mayors of your towns may already have enrolled your cities into schemes that will act as shadow governments: they will limit your meat intake, limit the amount of clothes you can buy, and how much you are allowed to fly in a year. It’s scary stuff and it’s real.

C40 News:

Global Covenant of Mayors:

C40 Cities - The Future of Consumption:

Lawyer Lisa Substack:

Dr. Charles Hoffe on Pure Global Evil

Today, we are joined by Dr. Charles Hoffe. We will talk about the abandonment of medical ethics and the dangers of the transgender movement in ending genetic lines of families.

24 November 2023

Crisis In The Canadian Justice System

Kings Counsel Leighton Grey joins us today to talk about the injustice in our justice system. Since 2020, Leighton has acted as lead counsel in several high profile Constitutional cases, including James Coates & Grace Life Church, Timothy Stephens and his Church in Calgary, the Lockdown challenge involving Dr. Deena Hinshaw that declared all health orders in AB illegal, and many vaccine mandate cases involving CN, CP, AHS, The University of Winnipeg, The University of Alberta, Mount Royal University, The Salvation Army, BDC, and others.

Ontario City Councillor Financially Sanctioned

Pickering, Ontario City Councillor Lisa Robinson joins us today. Lisa recently presented 3 draft motions at city council to allow genders to use their own biological bathrooms, make Drag Queen and Pride events age appropriate of 18+ and to not raise the pride flag because government officials are to remain neutral and not place the interests of one group above another. Because of this, Lisa has lost 90 days of pay.

21 November 2023

The J6 Narrative is Crumbling

Today we are joined by former West Virginia legislator and J6 prisoner Derrick Evans. With the release of all the footage from January 6th, we are finally able to see for ourselves what happened that day, and the footage prompts more questions than answers.

The Truth About Israel & Hamas

Dr. Sheila Nazarian joins us today to talk about the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

20 November 2023

Gaza: Largest Open-Air Prison?

Meir Weinstein joins us today to talk about the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. He will help dispel some of the myths about Israel that are amplified on social media.

16 November 2023

Can Pfizer Be Sued?

Bio-Tech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston joins us today to discuss whether mRNA manufacturers like Pfizer can be sued for their faulty vaccines.

15 November 2023

Truth And Justice At War

Former Red Deer Catholic School Board Trustee, Moniqe LaGrange joins us today to talk about how she was fired for taking a stand against SOGI 123 being implemented in Red Deer schools. In the second half of the show Jen & Willy Williamson and their family are here to talk about how they sold everything they owned in the US and moved to Costa Rica.

14 November 2023

The Great Con

Dr. Paul Alexander, speaking at the recent Era of Champions event, talks about how the whole COVID pandemic was just one big con job.

Update On International Excess Mortality Rates

Dr. Vibeke Manniche joins us today to talk about the increasing evidence in Europe that they are experiencing as yet, un-explained increases in excess mortality.

12 November 2023

The Underbelly Of Evil Now Being Exposed

The October 7th attacks on Israel by Hamas has exposed the anti-Semitism that lives in the underbelly of our western society.

9 November 2023

Dr. James Thorp And The Harm mRNA Can Cause Pregnant Women

Dr. Thorp’s recent presentation at the Era Of Champions where he outlines how the pandemic information was presented in a way that would cause panic among people. He also will talk about how the mRNA technology used in the shot, can affect pregnant women. Dr. James Thorp, MD is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist in Saint Louis, MO and has 44 years of experience. Dr. Thorp is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Era Of Champions With Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Bryan Ardis’s presentation at the recently held Era of Champions.

3 November 2023

Era of Champions with Pastor Art Pawlowski & Lance Wallnau

This is Pastor Art Pawlowski and Lance Wallnau’s opening remarks at the recent Era of Champions event.

Michelle Obama Presidential Bid?

Author of Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, Joel Gilbert joins us today to talk about to talk about his belief that Michelle Obama will be the next for Democratic presidential candidate.

1 November 2023

America’s Future Get In The Fight

Mary O’Neill is the Executive Director of America’s Future, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Republic, promoting family values and revitalize the role of faith in our society. They are also running a program to help end child exploitation and trafficking. Called ‘Get In The Fight’, they host seminars all across the United States.

Live With Clay Clark

American businessman and entrepreneur Clay Clark will join us today. Clay is the organizer of ReAwaken America and is part of the reason that I put on the Era of Champions event.

30 October 2023

What Is The Path To Peace Between Israel And Gaza?

Today, Rabbi Stanley Chester joins us to talk about Israeli intelligence failures, Hamas using civilian buildings as planning offices, and the seemingly one-sided propaganda that we are seeing.

27 October 2023

There Is A Better Way

Today we are joined by Dr. Mark Trozzi and Dr. Tess Lawrie. Dr. Lawrie is a UK physician who is part of the World Council for Health and her and Dr. Trozzi will talk about how there is a better way forward in the future of health and ways to counter monopoly power that government mandates entrench.

Survival Strategies For The Soul

Today, pastor and author Paul Dirks joins us today to talk about his new book: Deep Discipleship For Dark Days. We talk about strategies for surviving the coming cataclysm with your soul secured and integrity intact.

🚨Breaking🚨 SV40 Found In Pfizer Vaccine With Dr. Byram Bridle

Canadian scientist Dr. Byram Bridle joins us today to talk about the shocking and terrible revelation that SV40 a simian virus that sometimes causes tumors in animals, has been found in the Pfizer vaccine. Is the presence of SV40 causing blood clotting and/or runaway cancers in previously healthy vaccinated people? Dr. Bridle will be here to try and make sense of it all.

24 October 2023

The World Of Britfield

Chad Robert Stewart joins us today to talk about his book series: Britfield. Britfield is a real time story with real places, history, geography and teaches kids how to think, work together, and live through history together without one magic wand or broom. Soon to be a major film series, this is a perfect commentary for education, CRT invasion, gender dysphoria, and the dumbing down of American kids.

Israel’s Two Front War

Pastor of Westwood Community Church, Giulio Gabeli and his son, Adam join us today. Adam was in Israel when Hamas attacked and they will talk about Israel’s two-front war. One, against Hamas and second one against the mainstream media.

20 October 2023

Live with Kevin Sorbo

Producer, director, actor, and author Kevin Sorbo joins us today to talk about his latest movie, Miracle In East Texas. Shot in Alberta it tells the true story of two conmen who accidentally discover the largest oil reserve in the US. He has also written a children’s book called ‘The Test Of Lionhood’. It teaches young boys about masculinity through lessons like bravery and perseverance.


Today, we are joined by Barrister and Solicitor, Catherine Christensen, who is the founder of Valour Legal Action Centre, a firm representing James Formosa, who served as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces for five years until his involuntary (5F) release in July, 2022. At his final posting to an Artillery Regiment, he vocally opposed the implementation of CDS directives on mandates as soon as they were introduced on the grounds that they violated the Charter Rights and Freedoms of Canadian civilians and soldiers alike (as well as the Canadian Human Rights Act). Captain Formosa submitted an accommodation request on religious grounds through his chain of command, and failed to receive any proper substantiation or response to his doctrinal, legal, or ethical arguments that were ultimately directed to NDHQ in Ottawa.

Kareem Tadros who lives in Mississauga ON, is an entrepreneur in the fields of marketing and fashion - he has become active within the school system, school boards, and conversations around SOGI curriculums. Recently, he went to pick up a new Canadian Passport only to find it has a rainbow in it. See what happens next!

***Valour Legal Action Centre is a non-profit that focuses on legal issues for the members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces. Aware that taking on the Crown is an expensive process that often shuts out the ordinary Canadian, she created the non-profit to bring accountability to the senior command. Catherine has represented members of all the branches of the Canadian military. She has dealt with the issues of the troops in the ranks and members in the officer corp. She has appeared in levels of Court up to the Court of Appeal. In many respects, Catherine has become the de facto Ombudsman for the men and women in uniform.

19 October 2023

The Disinformation War

Dr. Chris Shoemaker joins us today and we will discuss the troubling idea that the mRNA vaccines may contain DNA as well and what that means for our health.

17 October 2023

Canada’s War Rages On

Joel and Margaret Sussman from Vaccine Choice Canada are here to talk about Vaccine Choice Canada’s education efforts around legal rights and informed consent. They will also talk about the WHO, WEF and other NGO’s which are negatively impacting our society.

The Psychological War Between Israel And Hamas

Dr. Carole Lieberman joins us today to talk about some of the psychological impacts and perspectives arising from the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. known world-wide as America’s Psychiatrist is the host of Dr. Carole’s Couch on, and The Terrorist Therapist® Podcast. She is a forensic psychiatrist/expert witness, bestselling-award-winning author of 4 books - 2 on terrorism and 2 on relationships.

13 October 2023

Tensions In The Middle East Of Biblical Proportions

Ron Vaillant joins us today and we engage in a lively discussion about Israel and Palestine and the current conflict. In the second half of the show, Mark Savoia joins us to talk about what it’s like to live in Costa Rica for those people thinking about moving there.

Scripture Songs

Mark Savoia: +1 519-942-7608

12 October 2023

On The Ground In Israel With Dr. Schapira

Israeli doctor Sorin Schapira joins me today to talk about the attacks in Israel. We will discuss the unfolding events and the discrepancy between reality and the expected actions. Plus, he will talk about the situation in Israel prior to the attacks.

11 October 2023

Alternatives To The Public Education System

Tracee Horvath from Compass Community Learning Centres and Pastor Paul Dirks join us today to talk about a new education model that they are spearheading. The model helps parents who cannot afford a traditional Christian school and parents who are not able to homeschool.

Compass Community Learning Centres:

10 October 2023

Israel At War

Pastor Guilio Gabeli joins us today to dissect what is happening in Israel.

A World In Crisis

Dr. Ann Gillies joins us today and she will talk about how she is being attacked for standing up against the indoctrination of children and her opposition to Bill-C4.

9 October 2023

The Great Deception Is Upon Us

All-Star guest list today as we welcome Dr. Richard Amerling, Dr. Mark Trozzi, and Dr. William Makis to the show.

The Hidden Danger Of Domestic Sex Trafficking

Lynda Harlos joins us today to warn parents about the dangers of domestic sex trafficking and importance of keeping lines of communication open between you and your kids.

Engineered Climate Cataclysm

Dane Wigington is our guest today. Dane is the lead researcher and administrator for the website He is the executive producer for the groundbreaking climate engineering documentary, “The Dimming” and has devoted the last 20 years of his life to constant research on the issue of covert global climate engineering operations and the effort to expose and halt them.

Dane Wigington:

Babel & Transhumanism: Why It’s More Relevant Than Ever

Robert Anthony is our guest today and we are going to talk about the experiments that CERN is doing and how those experiments could possibly be opening up a portal to another dimension and how Babel and transhumanism play into it.

School Board Trustee Pushes Back On Indoctrination

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS) Trustee Monique LaGrange joins us today to talk about her stand against SOGI indoctrination and attempts to force her to resign or have her removed. Nadine Ness is also an Alberta parent who is standing up for kids in her province and is here to talk about her experiences combating SOGI.

Remedies For Those Who Have Taken The Shot

Dr. Mark Trozzi is here to some of the remedies you can try if you have taken the shot and want to rid yourself of the spike protein.

Pilots Becoming Incapacitated With Dr. William Makis

Dr. William Makis joins us today to highlight some of his most recent and shocking substack articles about the increasing amount of pilot incapacitations we are witnessing.

We Are Up Against Pure Evil With Dr. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel joins us today to talk about healing and remedies in dealing with the COVID vaccine spike protein which may in your body.

No Secrets In Ontario

Elton Robinson is an Ontario dad who is focused on fighting for the No Secrets Policy in that province. He is concerned with teachers withholding important information from parents about their children.

Public Sector Unions Run By Far Left LGBTQ Activists

Lawyer Lisa Miron joins us today to talk about the Marxist/Communists that seem to be running the public sector unions and how the policies they advocate for could end up destroying our liberal democracy as we know it.

Dr. Theresa Tam And The Ultimate Deception

Dr. Chris Shoemaker joins us today to talk about Dr. Tam’s poor medical advice and the terrible effects that the COVID shot can have on your life span.

22 September 2023

The Crisis in Canadian Politics

Former CPC leadership candidate Grant S. Abraham joins us to talk about the problem in Canadian politics and the Conservative Party, in particular.

20 September 2023

🚨LIVE From Ottawa 🚨 Million March 4 Children

Live coverage from the streets of Ottawa of the Million March 4 Children.

Live With Kamel El-Cheikh And The Million March 4 Children

My interview with Million March For Children organizer Kamel El-Cheikh.

19 September 2023

The Charter’s Future With The Honourable Brian Peckford

The last living First Minister who helped craft our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Honourable Brian Peckford joins us today. He will talk about the intent behind the crafting of the Charter and where Canada is headed with Charter-violating mandates.

🚨BREAKING! 🚨 Union Zoom Call With Plans To Disrupt Million March For Children

This is a secret recording of a joint meeting held September 16th, to organize strategic attacks & counter-protests against those parents, grandparents & other concerned Canadians participating in the Million March For Children. Their plan is to disrupt, demoralize, destroy, bully and intimidate marchers. Listen for yourself.

Dr. Meryl Nass & Biological Warfare

Dr. Meryl Nass joins us today to talk about the dangers of globalist organizations like the WHO & The UN and their plans to shape humanity and reduce population.

They’re Trying To Scare Us Again

Provincial health officers are ramping up the fear-mongering as flu season approaches. They are already starting to layout their mask mandates and vaccine rollouts to the public. It’s time we say enough. Dr. Richard Amerling will join us today to educate us and help us make sense of it all.

13 September 2023

What Are They Telling The Children?!

Today we are joined by Gabrielle Clark. Gabrielle is a fierce warrior for free speech rights, sex-based rights and parental rights. She has fought in court against CRT indoctrination and created a program to help her daughter successfully desist transitioning. She offers coaching services to parents who find themselves in similar circumstances.

World Wide Rise For Parental Rights

Pete Harding from New York state joins us to talk about his group called Inspired Americans. Inspired Americans played a large role in ending the mask mandates in schools, having meetings to support people, organizing protests, rallies, parades and bringing the community together.

Is Being A Man Making A Comeback?

Today we are pleased to show you an interview with Steve Holmstrom who runs the Oilpatch Pulpit in Alberta.

12 September 2023

How Can Parents Get SOGI Out Of Our Schools?

Ronnie Herman will join us today to empower parents to fight back against the SOGI indoctrination taking place in our schools. Ronnie was an educator for 30 years and has a background in childhood development, behaviour analysis, special needs, crisis prevention in schools, and has worked with many diverse families and backgrounds.

8 September 2023

Does Being Fat Equal Being Healthy?

Dr. Mark Sherwood joins us today to talk about the disturbing trend that the health issues of being overweight are exaggerated and that obesity is actually a sign of good health!

Mark Sherwood:

7 September 2023

Man The Battle Stations

Wayne Sturby, leader of the Manitoba Party, will be here to talk about the Manitoba election in 6 weeks. Pastor Art Pawlowski will also join us to talk about what is going to happen in his upcoming sentencing hearing.

Manitoba Party:

6 September 2023


Canadian farmer Edward Embury joins us today to warn us about the UN and the WEF’s plan to conform our food systems to climate change. They plan to reduce protein from animal sources by 50% by 2050.

5 September 2023

Million March 4 Children Live With Kamel El-Cheikh

Kamel El-Cheikh joins us to talk about the Million March 4 Children to be held at different cities across Canada on September 20th.

Hands off our Kids:

If God Is Not Fixing It….

Laura-Lynn speaks on the secret to surviving the storm when you can’t fix it yourself and God seems to be sleeping.

4 September 2023

Gender Identity And The Transhumanist Paradigm

Longtime journalist and activist Jennifer Bilek joins us today for a deep dive into gender ideology, corporatism, synthetic sex identities, and how it all ties into transhumanism.

1 September 2023

Live With Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg joins us today to educate us in stopping the next pandemic attempt in it’s tracks. He challenges prevailing narratives and encourages fearless thinking and says we must be aware of a war being waged against freedom and democracy itself.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg:

31 August 2023

Live With Dr. Charles Hoffe

Dr. Hoffe was one of the first Canadian doctors to blow the whistle on large scale mRNA vaccine injuries. As a family doctor in Lytton, BC, he has worked as a rural and emergency room physician for more than 30 years. As a result of his outspokenness, he has lost his ER room privileges and had his income slashed in half. He is currently in the process of suing Interior Health for wrongful suspension.

The Prather Brief:

30 August 2023

Laura-Lynn at Battle For Canada in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"You all know that we all win in the end?... You know when you see God come through, you build something inside your soul and you know that he is able to take care of things." Laura-Lynn, in true LL style inspires, enlivens, and invigorates us with the hope that can only be found in our Hope and Faith in God. "It says in verse 13, the Lord laughs at the wicked for He knows that their day is coming. If God is laughing, we don't need to be crying. If God's got this, then I choose to trust Him in the middle of all of this mess. If God is God, then we are in good hands, and it is gonna be just fine. And if this is what the apocalypse looks like, I intend to have the time of my life and I hope you're gonna join me in that.

25 August 2023

Live With Major Jeffrey Prather

Retired special operations soldier, Major Jeffrey Prather joins us today and will talk about the deep state’s involvement in child trafficking and how we can help stop it.

The Prather Brief:

24 August 2023

Citizens Outraged In The Middle Of The Fires

Stef and Jorne will tell us what it was like up in the Shuswap during the forest fires.

The Narrative Shall Not Be Challenged

Former Toronto Police officer Donald Best joins us to talk about a shocking story coming out of Ottawa. A Ottawa police detective is being charged with an unauthorized investigation into a potential connection between mothers’ mRNA Covid Vaccine injections and 9 Sudden Infant Deaths.

23 August 2023

BC’s Armageddon Fires & The Next Pandemic With Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins us to talk about the renewed calls for mandates and mask wearing because of a new ‘scary’ COVID variant that has been loosed upon the land. The people in the interior of BC are facing catastrophic losses due to massive forest fires. We will talk to Kyle Cardinal and some homeowners about what is happening on the ground there.

Andrew Kaufman:

21 August 2023

Live with Rick Abbott

Rick Abbott is a Staff Sergeant in the Edmonton Police Service who was forced into early retirement for attending the Milk River and Coutts protests on his personal time. He wanted to find out for himself which media sources were being honest about what was happening on the ground.

The Rude Awakening

James Grundvig from AMP News joins us to talk about getting old school thinkers to wake up and take a look around and ask themselves serious questions about the Covid pandemic, election meddling, and financial manipulation which is robbing their purchasing power. James Ottar Grundvig is a first generation Norwegian-American, who lives and works in New York City. As an investigative journalist, he covers technology, sustainability, energy and business, and their intersections. Vlad Tepes joins us in the second half of the show to talk about a shocking hearing being held in Ottawa to try and stop a police detective from investigating a cluster of SIDS deaths and their possible connection to the vaccination status of the mothers.

RAIR Foundation:

Vlad Tepes:

AMP News:

17 August 2023

Live with Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Dr. Roger Hodkinson joins us today to talk about how we can take back control of our own health and what to look out for as we head back into the flu season. Steve Merrill from Sun City Silver & Gold will be here to talk about the future of fiat currency, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and why Gold & Silver have had monetary value for centuries.

Visit The Wellness Company Here

Excess Deaths In Babies & Young People In Switzerland

Dr. Konstantin Beck joins us from Switzerland to talk about the alarming rise of stillbirths we are seeing since the vaccine rollouts began. Dr. Konstantin Beck is an expert in Health & Economics. Former head of the CSS Institute, he has published three critical books on Covid-19 in Switzerland since 2020. He has spoken at many international conferences about the health insurance industry, been a senior lecturer at the University of Lucerne, University of Bale, et al.

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16 August 2023

Awaken Canada

Nathaniel Pawlowski joins us to talk about his latest experience in crossing the border back into Canada. He was told he has an arrest warrant out for him, which, was news to him. Clay Clark from Re-Awaken America will be here and he has thoughts on the Trump indictment and the Biden presidency.

14 August 2023

Live with Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf has been one of the earliest and most vocal critics of the Covid pandemic response. In conjunction with Steve Bannon’s War Room, they have produced a book analyzing the primary source documents released by Pfizer. Called ‘Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports’, it contains 46 reports on the Pfizer vaccine data. Naomi Wolf is a bestselling author, columnist, and professor; she is a graduate of Yale University and received a doctorate from Oxford. She is cofounder and CEO of, a successful civic tech company.

12 August 2023

Fighting Fires & Fighting For Freedom

Australian firefighter Stephen McDonald is a founding member of the Australian Firefighters Alliance and is currently fighting to have vaccine mandates dropped for approximately 250 Australian firefighters.

9 August 2023

Transgender Overreach About To Get A Huge Smackdown

Dan Dicks from Press For Truth will join us today to talk about a victory for sanity in the case of the BC father who was in jail because he didn’t want his daughter to transition. Also, Granny MacKay will be here to update us on what is happening with Canada’s political prisoners – the Coutts boys.

Alberta Political Prisoners:

Visit Granny MacKay's website:

Coutts Facebook Page

Visit Press for Truth:

8 August 2023

The Treacherous Child Welfare System

Mark and Terri Stemann have started an organization called Let Our Children Go under the umbrella of The Heritage and Freedom Coalition for exposure and education of what is happening to so many families and for support to children and families being forced to endure the treacherous child "welfare" system.

Visit Let Our Children Go:

Australia Starts To Unravel The Tangled COVID Lies

Shocking revelations from Pfizer and Moderno to members of parliament in Australia, who are questioning why there are so many sudden deaths and why employees didn’t get the same shot as everyone else. Today we speak to Gary and Melinda share about their experience in Australia, the lockdowns and where they are today.

Lockdowns Down Under

Today, we have former New South Wales Police force member, Roland Chrystal, and long serving paramedic, John Larter, who will tell us about all the injustices being done to their emergency response personnel. Roland resigned from the police force after he realized his conscience would not allow him to enforce illegal mandates on citizens. John Larter was dismissed from the paramedic service after he refused to get vaccinated.

4 August 2023

Economist Dr. Mark Skidmore

Professor of Economics at Michigan State University joins us today to talk about digital currencies, finance, fiscal and monetary policies, debt and COVID. He views current events from several vantage points in order to triangulate and hopefully gain a better understanding of who is pulling the levers in our society.

Funeral Director Michael Vogiatzakis

Winnipeg funeral director Michael Vogiatzakis will be here to talk about his experiences with COVID and the tragic effects the lockdowns had on families who wanted to say their final farewells to their loved ones.

Will Queer Infertility Be Medically & Financially Compensated?

VP of legal affairs at the Right To Life League, Susan Swift joins us to talk about some of the Orwellian laws being passed in California in regards to human trafficking, new definitions about who can qualify as infertile and who is going to pay for it. Nathaniel Pawlowski joins us in the second half of the show to talk about how me may go to jail for a year, for preaching outside of a drag queen event.

2 August 2023

Funeral Director Michael Vogiatzakis

Winnipeg funeral director, Michael Vogiatzakis, will be here to talk about his experiences with COVID and the tragic effects the lockdowns had on families who wanted to say their final farewells to loved ones.

Voyage Funeral:

Will Queer Infertility Be Medically & Financially Compensated?

VP of Legal Affairs at the Right To Life League, Susan Swift, joins us to talk about some of the Orwellian laws being passed in California: including human trafficking, new definitions about who can qualify as infertile, and who is going to pay for it. Nathaniel Pawlowski joins us in the second half of the show to talk about how he may go to jail for a year, for preaching outside of a drag queen event.

Right To Life League:

1 August 2023

DNA Vaccines On The Horizon with Attorney Tom Renz

US attorney Tom Renz joins us today. He is here to tell us about what vaccines are going to look like in the future, and it looks like they will be DNA-based, not mRNA-based. The difference is that DNA can modify your genetics.

31 July 2023

Dr. Laura Sanger And The Roots Of The Federal Reserve

Dr. Laura Sanger joins us today and will reveal the spiritual landscape of the roots of the Federal Reserve. By following known history, archeology and symbolism, The Roots of the Federal Reserve traces the Nephilim bloodline through the lineage of Ham and reveal the Nephilim agenda concealed for ages, operating insidiously, since the Seed war in Genesis 3.

28 July 2023

BREAKING NEWS! with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

World-renowned virologist and professor of microbiology, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joins us today. He will help us to understand the mechanism by which COVID-19 gene therapies are injuring and killing us.

Share this video. Canadian Health Authories will stop at nothing to prevent information like this being heard.