Revival Comes Through Israel


Robert Anthony from American Revival Press joins us today and we are going to talk about Israel’s fight for it’s survival and soul.

American Revival Press:

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  1. (1) Biblically; the Jews are Judah; not Israel. The two houses (Judah, and the ten tribes of Israel) were NOT synonymous. They were separate, and distinct.) Jacob had twelve sons. Judah became the progenitor of the Judahites; later shortened to "Jews." Judahite indicated ones' birth tribe. The ten tribes were all non-Judahites; therefore; no -Jews. This fact has full biblical support. Wait! The Apostle Paul said he was from the tribe of Benjamin, and a Jew. Reason: The tribe of Benjamin, and some of Levi; joined the house of Judah. Therefore; Paul was a Benjaminite by birth, and a Jew by association w/ the house of Judah. The tribe of Dan was comprised of Danites. They were obviously not Judahites; aka Jews. Moreover; the two leading tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel (Ephraim, and Manasseh) were given the legal right to their grandfather's name: Israel. All of this is recorded in Genesis 48, and 49.

    (2) Several leading Jewish scholars have determined that approximately ninety percent of the worlds' Jews are generational proselytes to (unbiblical) Judaism. Judaism has its primary roots in the Talmud; Babylonian occultism. It is NOT Hebraic; although it pays lip service to Moses. Most Jews in the world today have no connection to any of the thirteen tribes; never mind Judah. It has also been estimated that about sixty percent of the Jews in the Nation of Israeli are proselytes. Forty percent likely have Judahite blood. (Descendants of Judah; Jacob's fourth son.) God said that he would lead a "remnant of Judah" back into the land of their forefather. When? "Before the great and terrible Day of the LORD'S anger." (Zephaniah 2.) NOT the descendants of Israel. God knows the difference.

    (3) God exiled the ten tribes of Israel. Contrary to pulpit teaching; he did not permanently reject them; or replace them with a multi-ethnic "spiritual Israel." In Hosea, chapter one; God announces their forthcoming exile. However; he also promised to multiply their descendants like the "sand of the sea." In Genesis 48; God promises (through Jacob) that the latter day; multitudinous descendants of Joseph's two non-Judahite sons would form a "Great Nation, and Commonwealth (or company) of Nations." In Jeremiah 31:31; we are told the Israel (ten tribes) and Judah; would be given the New Covenant. God would make a New Covenant, and they would receive it. Which "Nation, and Commonwealth of Nations" is in possession of the New Covenant, and has obeyed their Shepherd's command to go forth, and preach the Good News to the rest of the world? Not Judah. They are hostile to all things Christian, and forbid the preaching of the Gospel.

    Conclusion: "Revival comes through [the true descendants] of Israel." Not Judah, and certainly NOT false the Jews; or their improperly named nation. In the past; revival has come through the nations formed by the latter day descendants of the biblical house of Israel: The ten tribes; still extant. Any future revivals will still come through a born again remnant of their modern descendants. The only biblical significance of the 1948 Mid-East "Israel" is Jerusalem. A "cup of trembling." Final point: Regardless of ones' belief regarding a "pre-Trib" catching up of believers--The New Covenant was given to both houses--At the same time. God has NOT withheld it until he "takes the church out of the world," and then "turns his attention toward the Jews." That is patently false. It has been available to both houses for two thousand years.



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