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6 September 2022

Live From South Dakota - The Journey Home

Canadian officials spin up the vaccine propaganda machine again, and we give Zuckerberg credit for telling the truth about censoring the Hunter Biden story and the request of the FBI.

Coming Home To Canada – 20 Day Tour!

We’re on our way back to begin our 20 day tour starting September 7, in Edmonton. See you there!

7 July 2022

15 June 2022

Mr. Trudeau, Tear Down That Wall

Mark Friesen and I go through what’s happened this week, including the end of travel mandates in Canada and talk about our Saskatchewan speaking tour.


16 May 2022

Father Incarcerated For Protecting Daughter From Vaccine

Concerned father, Michael Jackson, faces imprisonment for preventing his daughter from being forcibly vaccinated. In this interview, Michael talks about his unprecedented struggle to save his daughter from receiving an experimental drug - with the corrupt justice system, medical system and political system against him.

Fundraiser to help Michael:

Medical Links

11,000% Increased Risk of Stroke

12 Key Studies Showing Cardiovascular Side Effects

Stillborns and Infant Mortality Rates Increasing

Over 1000 Studies Proving COVID Vaccines to Be Unsafe

VAERS Reports on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

The Epoch Times Article

11 April 2022

Dr. Simone Gold: "Medical Tyranny Was The Mechanism to Usher in Tyranny"

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Dr. Simone Gold, from America's Frontline Doctors, who has been an incredible fighter against the medical tyranny occurring in the US! Visit her website to learn more about her current projects, and fighting back against government mandates:

8 April 2022

Upbringings, Revelations, & God | Laura-Lynn on 'The Connection Show' with Jill Reynolds

When I was in California, I had the opportunity to interview on The Connection Show, hosted by Jill Reynolds, where we discussed my upbringings, internal revelations, my book Relentless Redemption, Canadian politics, and God.

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17 March 2022

Fearless Lawyer Renz to Take Down the Establishment!

Thomas Renz, an attorney, joins me to talk about the takeback of our establishments here in the US, and how Canadians have inspired the world!

Follow Mr. Renz by visiting his website at the link here:

Dr. Ardis: "Covid is Not Over!"

I am joined today by Dr. Bryan Ardis, host of The Ardis Show, to talk about how our governments (US and Canada) are not interested in letting COVID go.

Follow Dr. Ardis by visiting his website at the link here:

16 March 2022

Airport Update - March 13th

As I fly from San Diego to Washington, DC, I recount just how much Justin Trudeau has harmed unvaccinated Canadians, the truckers, and others who do not support him.

8 March 2022

LIVE from the People's Convoy in Maryland

I am currently on the American Convoy, and have stopped to talk with the convoy organizer and meet up with my good friend Dr. Paul Alexander.

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