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12 September 2022

Keeping Children Away From Their Mother

This mother has been separated and not given access to see her children for months. False information has been given and gone unchecked or verified. Gross mis-handling of a family case has left a mother devastated without her being able to see her children. Ontario Children Services gets an epic fail in their handling of this case.

6 September 2022

Ex-Marine Talks About Gun Grabbers

Pastor Scarlett’s mission at His Glory Ministry is simple: Feed and equip those who seek to bring light into a dark world, and provide Bibles, food, and clothing for the elderly and poor around the globe. Pastor Dave Scarlett is also a top speaker at Clay Clark's ReAwaken America Tour, and he baptizes thousands at each event.

Pastor Dave and His Glory Ministry have teamed up to fund and distribute the Nick Searcy film "Capitol Punishment," which is available on:


Sudden Death Cover-Up!

Tiago Henriques, the creator of Died Suddenly News, a Facebook group which charts the alarming rise of unknown causes of death, joins me on the program today.

Visit the Facebook page:

31 August 2022

Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Religion

Dr. Mark Sherwood, from Oklahoma, will join us today to talk about how the federal government seeks to centralize power, and common institutions have grown so large that their influence over our society can seem unbearable. The FDA and CDC are notorious for being infiltrated by Big Pharma "revolving door" interests; instead of seeking affordable and effective care for Americans, they seem to only wish to fill the pockets of big pharmaceutical companies.

Visit Dr. Sherwood's website:


Are Soros Backed Politicians Destroying the North American System of Justice?

In 2015, Anthony Burton moved to Savannah and worked at the Chatham County District Attorney’s office. At that time, he was hired by a competent District Attorney, Meg Heap; however, after she lost her election to a Soros-funded DA in 2020, Burton was subsequently fired. Departures from the Soros-backed DA’s office are up nearly 400%! Anthony is now a candidate for Recorder’s Court Judge in Chatham County, running on a platform of ‘Law & Order’ because he believes that the citizens in his county deserve to live in peace.


29 August 2022

Live with John O’Looney

UK Funeral Director John O’Looney joins me on the show, for a follow-up interview on what he has been seeing at his workplace.

Visit John's Website here:

Watch more of John here:

26 August 2022

Live with David Harris Jr

Today we are joined by David Harris Jr. David strives to break down the assumptive, racial, and political barriers that are currently causing division throughout the United States. The author of Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent is an entrepreneur, and podcast host, who has interviewed guests on his show such as Herschel Walker, Ted Nugent, Senator Ted Cruz, and Congressman Matt Gaetz. His most recent interview with was with President Donald J Trump.

Visit his website here:


Why Is No One Talking About Sudden Dead Doctor Syndrome?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson will join us to discuss why no one seems to want to talk about the recent epidemic of Canadian doctors who are suddenly dropping dead. We will also be joined by Kcarl Smith, who will tell us about Western Civilization’s biggest threat – the anti-God, anti-liberty agenda, that is Critical Race Theory. Kcarl Smith is a nationally recognized author, speaker and creator of the Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Strategy™, a powerful and proven persuasive messaging approach, developed through 12 years of real-world successes.

Visit Kcarl’s website:


25 August 2022

What’s Coming Next? Live with Dr. Meryl Nass M.D.

Meryl Nass, MD is an internal-medicine physician and activist, with expertise in anthrax and bioterrorism; her interest is in prevention and investigation of safe and effective medical responses. Her expertise includes treating patients with Gulf War syndrome and with adverse reactions from the anthrax vaccine. She has raised various critiques about the deficient responses to the recent Ebola outbreak, baseless panic about a “measles epidemic”, global vaccine safety issues, medical ethics, and corruption in the medical industrial military complex. Dr. Meryl Nass joins me today to discuss what is in the new COVID vaccines that will be released soon.

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24 August 2022

We Are Not Safe! Live with Clay Clark

Clay Clark is a successful entrepreneur, who is the driving force behind ReAwaken America; we will be talking about US politics, COVID-19, and his upcoming Idaho tour. Also joining us today is Pastor Tobias Tissen, who will be recounting his most recent court appearance, and how it his legal battles are proceeding.

Visit Clay Clark’s Website:

Tickets to the ReAwaken America Tour: LINK


23 August 2022

Live with Dr. Peter Beggin

Dr. Peter Breggin is an American psychiatrist, and critic of shock treatment, psychiatric medication, and Covid-19 response. In his books, he advocates replacing psychiatric usage of drugs, and electroconvulsive therapy, with psychotherapy, education, and empathy.

Visit his website here:


22 August 2022

Live with Dutch Opposition Leader Thierry Baudet

Thierry Baudet is a member of the Dutch Parliament, and is the leader/founder of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) – he joins me today to discuss his running, current life in the Netherlands, the Great Reset, and more. As well as being a politician and academic, Mr. Baudet is also an author – he has released his latest book, ‘The Covid Conspiracy,’ which was a number-one bestseller in the Netherlands; it describes the plotting of western governments against their own people, during the “pandemic” that began in 2020.

Visit the Forum for Democracy Website:

To buy Thierry’s book: Amsterdam Books

18 August 2022

BREAKING: Child Not Allowed Transfusion With Un-Vaccinated Blood

A child, who requires life-saving treatments and transfusions, is being denied transfusions of unvaccinated blood by request of his mother; the hospital is even denying the mother the opportunity to donate her blood in order to help her son. Cindy MacDonald, an east-coast representative of Canadian Frontline Nurses, joins me on the show today to discuss the heartbreaking case, and be an advocate for this child. Tanya Gaw, from Action4Canada, also joins the show to discuss what can be done for this family, and for others experiencing the same treatment.

Cindy’s resource:

“Vaccine” Notice of Liability

Notice when threatened with experimental COVID injection, mask, or testing

NOL against rapid antigen testing

Action4Canada medical directive

Supreme Court ruling against forced medical treatment

Testimony: 10-year-old heart attack

16 August 2022

Live with Johane Andrews

Love, truth, knowledge, and profound spirituality… these are the foundations that Johane Andrews lives by. Forced into retirement from a 15-year career as a Personal Trainer Entrepreneur, she faced the greatest existential moment in her 66 years of living; Johane’s near-death experience, seven years ago, has allowed her to help others find strength in the fundamental truth that: “the body heals itself… when [you] learn to hear its messages.” Her knowledge about many readily-available supplements is being used to help individuals maximize their health, despite many present adversaries that they may be experiencing. Today, Johane joins the show to discuss Ivermectin, healing the body naturally, as she challenges the audience to start with these two simple words: “what if?”

Visit her website: LINK

Live with Mark Friesen and Sean Carter

Mark Friesen joins me on the program today, to discuss our upcoming tour in Alberta and BC, starting in September. We are also joined by Sean Carter, a dad from Saskatchewan, who has stood up for his child in refusing to have him take PCR tests, but as a result, has been denied surgeries and care from all SHA (Saskatchewan Health Authority) facilities.

15 August 2022

Live with Dr. Richard Fleming

Dr. Richard Fleming, a nuclear cardiologist, researcher, and author, joins me on the program today. Having recently spoken at the Crimes Against Humanity Tour, Dr. Fleming has also newly published a book titled, Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon: A Scientific and Forensic Investigation. Determined to undercover the true nature of COVID-19 and the resulting inoculations, Dr. Fleming is here today to discuss his research.

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Buy Dr. Fleming's Book:

11 August 2022

Live with Chris Smith

Chris Smith, from the Atlantic Underground Podcast, is here to talk about masks, mask effectiveness, and mask safety.

Atlantic Underground Podcast:


9 August 2022

Canada Post Employees Stand Up For Medical Choice!

Josy Marie, from Posties for Freedom, joins me on the show today to discuss how Canada Post Employees came together in November 2021, to form this group, after union mandates were implemented.

Visit the Posties for Freedom website to support:


8 August 2022

Live with Dr. David Mackereth

Dr. David Mackereth joins me on the show today. His story is very relevant in today’s social climate; he lost his job with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after he refused to identify clients by their chosen gender instead of their biological sex.

To read more about Dr. Mackereth’s story, here are a few links:


4 August 2022

Live with Clay Clark

Clay Clark is a business coach and entrepreneur from Tulsa, Oklahoma; alongside running his own show, he is the founder of The ReAwaken America Tour. He joins me on the show today with Aaron Antis.

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