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24 October 2023

The World Of Britfield

Chad Robert Stewart joins us today to talk about his book series: Britfield. Britfield is a real time story with real places, history, geography and teaches kids how to think, work together, and live through history together without one magic wand or broom. Soon to be a major film series, this is a perfect commentary for education, CRT invasion, gender dysphoria, and the dumbing down of American kids.

11 October 2023

Alternatives To The Public Education System

Tracee Horvath from Compass Community Learning Centres and Pastor Paul Dirks join us today to talk about a new education model that they are spearheading. The model helps parents who cannot afford a traditional Christian school and parents who are not able to homeschool.

Compass Community Learning Centres:

12 September 2023

How Can Parents Get SOGI Out Of Our Schools?

Ronnie Herman will join us today to empower parents to fight back against the SOGI indoctrination taking place in our schools. Ronnie was an educator for 30 years and has a background in childhood development, behaviour analysis, special needs, crisis prevention in schools, and has worked with many diverse families and backgrounds.

4 July 2023

Nova Scotia Mother Outraged At School Sex Toy Presentations

Today we are joined by Ona a Nova Scotia mother who was shocked and angered at finding out what her local schools were handing out and displaying to schoolchildren.

20 June 2023

Peter Downing - Epic Stand With Children Against Pride

Peter Downing talks about the epic stand parents are making, placing Bibles on children’s desks at school during pride month.

25 May 2023

Live with Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood, Oklahoma’s former gubernatorial candidate & 10 year veteran SWAT team member reveals effective school safety plan to stop the next school shooting.

Dr. Mark Sherwood's Website:

23 May 2023

The Women of Portage-Lisgar are Fighting Against Child Porn in Libraries

Christine Ronceray and Jennifer are mothers who discovered extremely disturbing and explicit books in the children’s section of the library. These books are in every library potentially across Canada. Your children are not safe. These books violate the criminal code of Canada. Here is what you can do.

5 February 2021

Lockdowns and a Disturbing School Trustee Candidate

Lockdowns & a Disturbing School Trustee Candidate.

Guest Chris Elston joins us to talk about his fight against Transgender advocates. We talk more about crazy Canadian lockdown measures and a disturbing School Board Trustee Candidate that wants to run for the Chilliwack School Board.

CBS 60 Minutes story on China Harvesting our DNA

Public Discourse article by Paul Dirks on the consequences of transitioning.

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