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24 August 2023

The Narrative Shall Not Be Challenged

Former Toronto Police officer Donald Best joins us to talk about a shocking story coming out of Ottawa. A Ottawa police detective is being charged with an unauthorized investigation into a potential connection between mothers’ mRNA Covid Vaccine injections and 9 Sudden Infant Deaths.

2 August 2023

Funeral Director Michael Vogiatzakis

Winnipeg funeral director, Michael Vogiatzakis, will be here to talk about his experiences with COVID and the tragic effects the lockdowns had on families who wanted to say their final farewells to loved ones.

Voyage Funeral:

18 July 2023

Live With Dr. Makis & UK Disability Claims Data

Dr. William Makis joins us today to talk about his most recent substack article which looks at the United Kingdom’s disability claim data

5 July 2023

Live With Dr. Vibeke Manniche

Dr. Vibeke Manniche from Denmark joins us today. Dr. Manniche has been involved with epidemiology on one way or another for 34 years. She was the only Danish doctor who from the beginning spoke out against lockdowns. She will talk about excess mortality and the possible consequences of the vaccines.

28 June 2023

The War of Dis-Information

Dr. Roger Hodkinson joins us today to talk about dis-information in politics and medicine. He will also get us up to date on the latest vaccine news.

16 June 2023

A Canadian Embalmer's Terrifyingly True Story

Laura Jeffrey is a Canadian embalmer who recently testified at the National Citizen’s Inquiry about what she saw as one of the frontline people who deal with the deceased.

12 June 2023

Live with Dr. Steven Pelech

Dr. Steven Pelech is the President & Chief Scientific Officer of Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation. He will be here to talk about the power of natural immunity, Bill 36 & Dr. Bonnie Henry’s April 6 Public Health Order with mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of all BC health care workers.

Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation:

7 June 2023

Swiss Pharmacist Sues Swiss Medical System

Kati Schepis is a pharmacist in Switzerland and will be here to tell us about her lawsuit against Swissmedic and the psychological pressures that forced her to leave her job at Bayer. Pastor Aaron Rock will join us to talk about his numerous Covid charges being stayed or dropped in Ontario.

27 March 2023

Live with Pascal Najadi

Triple vaccinated retired banker, Swiss and UK citizen, Pascal Najadi has filed a civil lawsuit with the US Supreme Court in the state of New York against the FDA, Pfizer and Swiss president Alain Berset, who was formerly Switzerland’s minister of health.

Pascal Fundraising Link: