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16 November 2023

Can Pfizer Be Sued?

Bio-Tech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston joins us today to discuss whether mRNA manufacturers like Pfizer can be sued for their faulty vaccines.

14 November 2023

Update On International Excess Mortality Rates

Dr. Vibeke Manniche joins us today to talk about the increasing evidence in Europe that they are experiencing as yet, un-explained increases in excess mortality.

9 November 2023

Dr. James Thorp And The Harm mRNA Can Cause Pregnant Women

Dr. Thorp’s recent presentation at the Era Of Champions where he outlines how the pandemic information was presented in a way that would cause panic among people. He also will talk about how the mRNA technology used in the shot, can affect pregnant women. Dr. James Thorp, MD is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist in Saint Louis, MO and has 44 years of experience. Dr. Thorp is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology

19 October 2023

The Disinformation War

Dr. Chris Shoemaker joins us today and we will discuss the troubling idea that the mRNA vaccines may contain DNA as well and what that means for our health.

9 October 2023

Remedies For Those Who Have Taken The Shot

Dr. Mark Trozzi is here to some of the remedies you can try if you have taken the shot and want to rid yourself of the spike protein.

We Are Up Against Pure Evil With Dr. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel joins us today to talk about healing and remedies in dealing with the COVID vaccine spike protein which may in your body.

31 August 2023

Live With Dr. Charles Hoffe

Dr. Hoffe was one of the first Canadian doctors to blow the whistle on large scale mRNA vaccine injuries. As a family doctor in Lytton, BC, he has worked as a rural and emergency room physician for more than 30 years. As a result of his outspokenness, he has lost his ER room privileges and had his income slashed in half. He is currently in the process of suing Interior Health for wrongful suspension.

The Prather Brief: