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  1. Laura, please keep on telling the truth and waking up the hypnotized souls. Thank you and your team for all you do. Be safe and blessed.

  2. Thank you Laura Lynn for the two great interviews. I was glad to hear the rest of Pastor Art Palowski's interview as well as the story of the young gentleman and what he experienced. This is a travesty of justice, but as you all said, God can deal with this situation in the best ways that we can't even imagine. I do also pray for the tormentors. This abuse and lack of justice has to stop. Thank you again.

    Indiana U.S.A.

  3. Met Laura for the First Time in early 2020 as she organized the Rallies at the Vancouver Art Gallery and later Street Church down at the Vancouver Convention Center - Laura and Mex Bernier out there to make a Better Canada with Truth - Justice & Freedom ; love you lots - Gregg Ferstay