22 September 2023

The Crisis in Canadian Politics

Former CPC leadership candidate Grant S. Abraham joins us to talk about the problem in Canadian politics and the Conservative Party, in particular.

19 September 2023

The Charter’s Future With The Honourable Brian Peckford

The last living First Minister who helped craft our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Honourable Brian Peckford joins us today. He will talk about the intent behind the crafting of the Charter and where Canada is headed with Charter-violating mandates.

🚨BREAKING! 🚨 Union Zoom Call With Plans To Disrupt Million March For Children

This is a secret recording of a joint meeting held September 16th, to organize strategic attacks & counter-protests against those parents, grandparents & other concerned Canadians participating in the Million March For Children. Their plan is to disrupt, demoralize, destroy, bully and intimidate marchers. Listen for yourself.

Dr. Meryl Nass & Biological Warfare

Dr. Meryl Nass joins us today to talk about the dangers of globalist organizations like the WHO & The UN and their plans to shape humanity and reduce population.

They’re Trying To Scare Us Again

Provincial health officers are ramping up the fear-mongering as flu season approaches. They are already starting to layout their mask mandates and vaccine rollouts to the public. It’s time we say enough. Dr. Richard Amerling will join us today to educate us and help us make sense of it all.

13 September 2023

What Are They Telling The Children?!

Today we are joined by Gabrielle Clark. Gabrielle is a fierce warrior for free speech rights, sex-based rights and parental rights. She has fought in court against CRT indoctrination and created a program to help her daughter successfully desist transitioning. She offers coaching services to parents who find themselves in similar circumstances.

World Wide Rise For Parental Rights

Pete Harding from New York state joins us to talk about his group called Inspired Americans. Inspired Americans played a large role in ending the mask mandates in schools, having meetings to support people, organizing protests, rallies, parades and bringing the community together.

Is Being A Man Making A Comeback?

Today we are pleased to show you an interview with Steve Holmstrom who runs the Oilpatch Pulpit in Alberta.

12 September 2023

How Can Parents Get SOGI Out Of Our Schools?

Ronnie Herman will join us today to empower parents to fight back against the SOGI indoctrination taking place in our schools. Ronnie was an educator for 30 years and has a background in childhood development, behaviour analysis, special needs, crisis prevention in schools, and has worked with many diverse families and backgrounds.

8 September 2023

Does Being Fat Equal Being Healthy?

Dr. Mark Sherwood joins us today to talk about the disturbing trend that the health issues of being overweight are exaggerated and that obesity is actually a sign of good health!

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

7 September 2023

Man The Battle Stations

Wayne Sturby, leader of the Manitoba Party, will be here to talk about the Manitoba election in 6 weeks. Pastor Art Pawlowski will also join us to talk about what is going to happen in his upcoming sentencing hearing.

Manitoba Party: http://www.manitobaparty.ca/

6 September 2023


Canadian farmer Edward Embury joins us today to warn us about the UN and the WEF’s plan to conform our food systems to climate change. They plan to reduce protein from animal sources by 50% by 2050.

5 September 2023

Million March 4 Children Live With Kamel El-Cheikh

Kamel El-Cheikh joins us to talk about the Million March 4 Children to be held at different cities across Canada on September 20th.

Hands off our Kids: https://handsoffourkids.ca/

If God Is Not Fixing It….

Laura-Lynn speaks on the secret to surviving the storm when you can’t fix it yourself and God seems to be sleeping.

4 September 2023

Gender Identity And The Transhumanist Paradigm

Longtime journalist and activist Jennifer Bilek joins us today for a deep dive into gender ideology, corporatism, synthetic sex identities, and how it all ties into transhumanism.

1 September 2023

Live With Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg joins us today to educate us in stopping the next pandemic attempt in it’s tracks. He challenges prevailing narratives and encourages fearless thinking and says we must be aware of a war being waged against freedom and democracy itself.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: http://www.false-pandemics.com/