30 June 2022

The Heartbreaking Story of Grace Schara

What a heartbreaking story. Scott Schara shares the story of his beautiful daughter, Grace, and how she died a tragic and preventable death from improper COVID treatment at a Wisconsin hospital. Rather than administer treatments proven to properly combat COVID-19, the hospital followed the US Government’s ineffective treatment protocols – for which they receive a significant financial reward.

Visit Grace’s website: https://www.ouramazinggrace.net/home

29 June 2022

Alberta Needs to Wake Up - Bob Blayone

Alberta Patriot Bob Blayone joins me today to discuss the Alberta Independence Party and the WEF.

The Alberta Independence Party: https://www.abindependence.com/

28 June 2022

Live With Former News Director Anita Krishna

Former Newscast Director for Global News, Anita Krishna joins me to discuss a list news events occurring recently in Canada.

Anita Krishna's website: http://www.anitakrishna.com/

Follow Anita here: https://linktr.ee/Anita808


27 June 2022

Live with Cheryl K. Chumley and Mark Sherwood

On a historic day in the US, the Supreme Court has correctly overturned the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision. Joining us today to break it down will be Oklahoma Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Mark Sherwood and Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley.

Visit Dr. Mark Sherwood’s website: http://www.sherwood2022.com/

Visit Cheryl K. Chumley website: https://bit.ly/3xPPpxK

To buy Cheryl’s book: https://amzn.to/3ng0rHB


24 June 2022

Firsthand Account of January 6th with Treniss Evans

J6 Defendant Treniss Evans is being railroaded by the DOJ and joins us to tell us about his experiences on January 6th.

Support Treniss Evans here: https://www.givesendgo.com/G23YQ

Visit his website here: http://www.condemnedusa.com/

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina: https://www.rocktheredusa.com/

22 June 2022

Operation Outcry

Allan Parker and Denise Mountenay join us to talk about abortion in Canada and the potential for Roe v. Wade being overturned in the US.

Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation, was lead counsel for Norma McCorvey (formerly “Roe” of Roe v. Wade from 2000 to 2012) and Sandra Cano (the “Doe” of Doe v. Bolton) until 2014 - their efforts were to overturn the two landmark cases that brought legalized abortion on-demand to America.

Denise Mountenay is the Chief Administrative Officer for a Non-Governmental Organization out of Australia. Apart from attending The United Nations and World Health Assemblies, Denise has been organizing and leading various presentations on the connection between abortion and breast cancer – this is an area of study that is rather new, but much evidence is upcoming that abortion can be even more unsafe for women.

Visit the Operation Outcry website: https://www.operationoutcry.org/

Denise Mountenay’s website: https://togetherforlife.net/

Allan Parker’s website: https://thejusticefoundation.org/


Clay Clark & Ernest Ramirez

Today, we interview Clay Clark who is a business coach and entrepreneur in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Clay is the founder of Thrive15, a company offering online education for entrepreneurs in 15-minute video formats, taught by world-class mentors; he is also the founder of The ReAwaken America Tour. Our second guest is Ernest Ramirez, a grieving father who’s son died last April from sudden heart complications just days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

Visit Clay Clark’s Website: https://thrive15.com/

ReAwaken America Tour

Vaccine Adverse Reaction Support: https://react19.org/

To Read More about Ernest Ramirez’s story: https://bit.ly/3zXrQ8H


21 June 2022

Good People Continue to Put Their Names Forward

Originally elected to serve in the 2015 Legislature, Mark Finchem is now in his 4th and final term and is running for the Arizona Secretary of State Representative. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Mark served 21-years with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, first as a firefighter/paramedic, then as a law enforcement officer. After retirement, Mark has dedicated his time to maintaining leadership roles in both small and large businesses.

Visit his website here: https://votefinchem.com/

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina: https://www.rocktheredusa.com/

20 June 2022

Dr. Tau Braun on Laura-Lynn Live

Dr. Tau Braun is a clinical psychologist who offers and specializes in a scientific and optimistic approach to his research and practice. As of now, Dr. Braun is currently investigating the possibility that the bio-synthetic aspects of SARS-CoV2 are a military-grade biological weapon. He joins me on the show today to discuss some of his findings, and his COVID-19 response strategies.

Visit his website here: https://www.drtaubraun.com/


17 June 2022

David Whitehead: The Warrior We Need

David Whitehead joins me once again on today’s program, to discuss being a warrior for freedom, and the future of Canada.

Visit David’s website here: https://www.dwtruthwarrior.com/

16 June 2022

Live with Alberta Patriot Tanner Hnidey

Joining me on the show today is a very brilliant young man, Tanner Hnidey, who is a published author, political commentator, and Vice President in Economics for The Alberta Prosperity Project. He is here to discuss the lack of objective law and God in Canadian politics, and ongoing projects with The Alberta Prosperity Project.

Follow Tanner by visiting his website: https://www.tannerhnidey.com/

Follow the Alberta Prosperity Project: https://albertaprosperityproject.com/

15 June 2022

Ontario Freedom Townhall Tour!

Continuing our speaking tour from Saskatchewan, Mark Friesen and I will be heading through Manitoba to Ontario! ! Currently, there are still a few venues we are sorting out, but those will be added shortly!

June 22nd: Thirsty Lion Tavern, 525 Dale Blvd.; Winnipeg, MB

June 23rd: Norman Community Club; Kenora, ON

June 24th: Agricultural Society Multiplex; Dryden, ON

June 25th: The Murillo Hall, 4569 Oliver Rd.; Thunder Bay, ON

June 26th: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 183, 37 Howe St.; Marathon, ON

June 27th: Bellevue Park Bandstand, 62 Lake Street; The Soo, ON

June 28th: Aisle Nine Burgers & Poutine, 947 Falconbridge Rd.; Sudbury, ON

June 29th: Bill Barber Complex, 1984 Swale Street; Callander, ON

If you do have any questions or comments about these events, feel free to contact: lauralynnlive@gmail.com

Mr. Trudeau, Tear Down That Wall

Mark Friesen and I go through what’s happened this week, including the end of travel mandates in Canada and talk about our Saskatchewan speaking tour.


Live with Todd Harris and Dr. Charles Hoffe

Live with Todd Harris and Dr. Charles Hoffe who will be talking about a new vaccine documentary that they have produced.

Link to watch: Vimeo

10 June 2022

Food Shortages Are Coming. Are You Prepared?

Today, we are going to talk with Sondra Martin Hicks about the pending global food crisis. Sondra lays out a simple solution of how North Americans can better become food resilient, in producing their own food. Sondra has spent 35 plus years in the film industry, going out to Hollywood as a young 19-year-old with dreams of becoming the next Carol Burnett. Over the years, God began to unfold a different path for Sondra that has developed her skills and creativity to draw believers and unbelievers into the Presence of God through the medium of intimate story telling.

Watch The Global Food Crisis here: Heartstone Network


9 June 2022

Alex Newman: "We Need To Stand United"

Alex Newman, journalist and writer for The Liberty Sentinel, joins me to discuss his home state of Florida and running for State Representative. Artur Pawlowski also joins me today, to discuss his ongoing trial, and upcoming summer tour!

Visit The Liberty Sentinel Website here: https://libertysentinel.org/

To support Alex in his running, visit his website here: https://alexnewman4florida.com/

More information for Artur Pawlowski’s Tour is available here: https://firebrandaction.com/courageous-faith-tour

8 June 2022

Interview with Dr. Stella Immanuel

As part of the original America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Immanuel has been a vocal advocate for early treatment protocols for COVID-19. She is also a pastor and founder of Fire Power Ministries.

To visit her website, click the link here: https://drstellamd.com/

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina: https://www.rocktheredusa.com/

Mike Lindell on Laura-Lynn Live

Mike Lindell is best known as the "My Pillow Guy," an American entrepreneur, and a patriotic American. We recently spoke to him at Rock the Red USA, where he discussed his very serious and well-founded concerns about the integrity of the US elections.

Visit his website here: http://www.mypillow.com/

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina: https://www.rocktheredusa.com/

7 June 2022

Diego Rodriguez Today with Laura-Lynn

Diego Rodriguez is a professional speaker and the marketing director of Freedom Man Press – using this site, he has been able to inform people about many political stories that the Mainstream Media will not cover.

Visit his website here: https://www.freedomman.org/

To support the father, Michael Jackson, visit the link here: Go Get Funding


3 June 2022

Our Children Need Protection! - Dr. Chris Shoemaker

Dr. Chris Shoemaker joins me today to discuss the data about vaccinating children against COVID-19. And it is shocking.


2 June 2022

Saskatchewan Let Freedom Reign Tour!

I am going on Tour in Saskatchewan with my good friend Mark Friesen! We are so thrilled to be touring various venues before heading off to Ontario! Currently, there are still a few venues we are sorting out, but those will be added shortly!

June 9th: Yorkton Gallagher Centre, Broadway St. W.; Yorkton, SK

June 10th: Northeast Christian Fellowship, 903 Main St.; Melfort, SK

June 11th: Canadian Revival Centre, 329 38th St. E.; Prince Albert, SK

June 12th: Life Outreach Church, Township Rd. 380; Saskatoon, SK

June 13th: Legion Hall, 262 22 St.; Battleford, SK

June 14th: 4907 49th Avenue; Lloydminster, SK

June 15th: Eagles Hall, 1910 South Service Rd.; Swift Current, SK

June 16th: McKenna Hall, 317 3rd St. N.E.; Weyburn, SK

June 17th: Regina Victory Hall, 320 Maxwell Crescent; Regina, SK

If you do have any questions or comments about these events, feel free to contact: lauralynnlive@gmail.com

Wayne Peters - The Truth Is Revealing Itself

Wayne Peters joins me today to discuss Justin Trudeau's crackdown upon the little remaining gun rights we have here in Canada.

Visit Wayne's website here: https://www.whatsupcanada.org/


Lara Trump at Rock the Red USA

Lara Trump’s speech at Rock the Red in Greenville, South Carolina.

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina: https://www.rocktheredusa.com/