29 July 2022

Former WestJet Employees Fight Back After Job Loss Over Mandates

Rob Simpson and a group of former WestJet employees are spearheading a lawsuit against the company. Spokesperson, Rob Simpson, who was a pilot that was fired this year due to mandates, has many stories of employee injuries and losses. These prior employees are trying to set precedence for Canadian airlines to stop unconstitutional injections.

To contact the employees: causeforaction@protonmail.com

To support their cause: http://www.givesendgo.com/CauseForActionNow

To hear Cody Flint's story: Vaccine Injured Pilot Speaks Out

Live with Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins me again today to discuss his recent legal victory, and the globalist agenda that is wanting to control us all.

Visit Pastor Art's Website to help support him: https://www.streetchurch.ca/

27 July 2022

Live with Chris Oates

My guest today, Chris Oates, is a father who has recently been involved in a court case with the mother of his child, who will do all she can to give the child the COVID jab.


25 July 2022

Live with RN Janet Grills and Filmmaker Chris Harrigan

Janet Grills, a former RN of over 50 years, joins me to discuss her experience during the beginning of the Plandemic. Also, award-winning filmmaker, Chris Harrigan, joins me to discuss one of his latest projects: TipToe to Tyranny - you won't want to miss it!

Watch TipToe To Tyranny: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DKvEN2BN5FPH/

Policy Horizons Canada: https://horizons.gc.ca/en/home/


21 July 2022

Live with Dr. Robert O. Young

Dr. Robert Young is an American naturopathic practitioner and author of alternative medicine books promoting an alkaline diet. His most popular works are the "pH Miracle" series of books, which outline his beliefs about holistic healing.

Visit Dr. Young's Website: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/


20 July 2022

Leave Our Kids Alone

We have a packed show for you all – you do not want to miss it! Joining me on the show today are three guests: Roman Baber; Dr. Syed Haider, and Mark Friesen. Roman Baber is a politician running for the leadership of the CPC, and is here to discuss his vision for the future. Dr. Syed Haider is here to talk about the dangerous decision to vaccinate children, 6 months and older, for COVID-19; as Dr. Haider has been treating patients who are suffering from vaccine injury, his concerns continue to grow as our populations continue to mass vaccinate. Mark Friesen (aka The Grizzly Patriot) will also join us to talk about the upcoming farmer’s protest that will commence in Moose Jaw, Regina, on July 23rd.

Roman Baber's Website: https://www.joinroman.ca/

Dr. Syed Haider's Website: https://mygotodoc.com/

Support the Farmers: https://www.standwithfarmers.info/

To contact Mark Friesen: info@ffcs.info


18 July 2022

Calgary Firefighters Initiate a Class Action Lawsuit Against the City of Calgary

Courageously fighting fires & saving lives one day... to standing against political bureaucrats, within their city, the next - a group of 20 Calgary firefighters have come together, pushing back with a class action lawsuit against the city of Calgary for their unjust COVID mandates. Three of them are with me today (Stephen Dabbagh, Mike Andrusco & Chris Andrew) to share their story, and expose the corruption within the politics and bureaucrats at the top.

To support, visit their website: https://firefighters4truth.com/


Why Are The RCMP So Desperate to Cover This Up?

Canadian Author and former Journalist, Paul Palango, joins me to discuss his non-fiction book, 22 Murders, the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting, and the corrupt relationship between Canadian police and the federal government.

To buy Paul's Book: https://amzn.to/3PiayIi


14 July 2022

11 July 2022

A Culture of Death

Our guest today is Glenn Jessome, an academic, entrepreneur and businessman, from Nova Scotia, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and an Associate in Education. He is here today to discuss CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), and how its experiments are not a ‘physical or spiritual’ threat to mankind, but merely a metaphorical black hole that engulfs money, electricity, and resources. Glenn also discusses with Laura-Lynn the growing ‘Culture of Death’ with western health professionals, how this has affected the lives/deaths of his loved ones and of others, in an attempt to minimize the reach of such horrible ordeals that he has experienced.

Also, there are many stories to bring to light: including the ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ that is baffling Canadian health officials, and a new video of Chrystia Freeland being questioned about the current and future status of the ArriveCan app.


7 July 2022

6 July 2022

Live with Katherine Kowalchuk

Our guest today, Katherine Kowalchuk, is a lawyer from Alberta who is running for the leadership of the Alberta Independence Party. Katherine believes that it is our moral obligation to stop funding the government’s tyranny in Canada, and that the only viable solution is for Alberta to become independent of Canada. As an independent entity, Albertans may continue to endorse principals that recognize the Supremacy of God and the rule of law, so that all Albertans are provided the opportunity to thrive and prosper.

Independence Party of Alberta: https://www.abindependence.com/

Live with Ann Vandersteel, Priscilla Romans and Mark Friesen