31 July 2023

Dr. Laura Sanger And The Roots Of The Federal Reserve

Dr. Laura Sanger joins us today and will reveal the spiritual landscape of the roots of the Federal Reserve. By following known history, archeology and symbolism, The Roots of the Federal Reserve traces the Nephilim bloodline through the lineage of Ham and reveal the Nephilim agenda concealed for ages, operating insidiously, since the Seed war in Genesis 3.

28 July 2023

BREAKING NEWS! with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

World-renowned virologist and professor of microbiology, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joins us today. He will help us to understand the mechanism by which COVID-19 gene therapies are injuring and killing us.

Share this video. Canadian Health Authories will stop at nothing to prevent information like this being heard.

26 July 2023

Is Transhumanism Just History Repeating Itself?

Robert Anthony joins us today and we are going to have a fascinating discussion about Transhumanism and if it really is a new thing or is it much older than we think.

American Revival Press: https://www.americanrevivalpress.org/l

LIVE Breaking News from the Coutts Trial

Jason Lavigne, Dominique Fournier, Granny MacKay & Pastor Artur Pawlowski are at the Lethbridge courthouse with an update on what is happening with the Coutts boys. As you might expect, the Governement is playing dirty tricks by releasing new evidence today, even though they have been in custody for over 500 days.

Alberta Political Prisoners: operationrescue@protonmail.co

Live with Martin Armstrong

Economics guru, Martin Armstrong joins us today. We’ll talk about the real motivations behind the war in the Ukraine and the future of fiat (paper) currency and why tangible assets like gold and silver should be considered as part of your financial planning.>

25 July 2023

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr, Mark Trozzi, and Attorney Michael Alexander

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mark Trozzi, and attorney Michael Alexander join us today to discuss the persecution of Dr. Mark Trozzi by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario (CPSO).

Canadian Censorship and Digital Currency

Hamilton, Ontario CHP candidate Jim Enos will join us to talk about the CHP’s fight with the city of Hamilton over their bus stop advertisements. Rob Anders is a former CPC MP and will be here to discuss the looming prospect of a digital currency and what that means for our overall freedom.

20 July 2023

Canadian Mama Bears

Dr. Ann Gillies, Pastor Rene McIntyre, and Marilyn Jones will join us today to talk about how mama bears need to be vigilant in protecting their children.

Live With Dr. Bryan Ardis

Certified Acupuncturist and Nutritionist, Dr. Bryan Ardis joins us today. We will talk about ways to boost your immune system naturally.

18 July 2023

Live With Dr. Makis & UK Disability Claims Data

Dr. William Makis joins us today to talk about his most recent substack article which looks at the United Kingdom’s disability claim data

Are We In A Cosmic War?

Dean Briggs joins us today to talk about how indoctrination has taken over public education, how the culture is celebrating the confusion of our young people and whether this is an indicator of a larger, spiritual cosmic war.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Politics

Investigative journalist Charlotte Dennett is here to talk about her book: ‘Follow the Pipelines’ and dig deep into the deadly politics that are involved in the great game for oil.

14 July 2023

Canada's Attempt To Ban Supplements & Why Pfizer Should Be Criminally Charged

Lead Counsel for the NCI, Shawn Buckley joins us to talk about the Federal Governments plan to have Big Pharma take over control of the supplement market in Canada. This will include natural products like vitamins and other natural products. Karen Kingston is a med-legal advisor and biotech analyst with 25 years experience and she will be here to tell us why Pfizer should be criminally charged for breaking it’s contract with the US government.

12 July 2023

Live With Dr. Makis & Excess Deaths

Dr. William Makis joins us today and we will be talking about more evidence of mRNA vaccines and their effect on cancer cells.

11 July 2023

How Did We Get Here, Canada?

Andrew DeBartolo and Matt Hallick from Liberty Coalition Canada are here today and we are going to talk about the sliding moral and ethical decline we are seeing in Canada and what steps we can take to reverse it. The 4 Coutts political prisoners have been held in remand, not jail, for over 500 days now. Granny MacKay is here to remind us not to forget these young men and to spotlight the legals needs that they face.

Live With Board-Certified Ob-Gyn Dr. James Thorp

Dr. James Thorp will be here to warn us and talk about the risks that the vaccines pose to pregnant women. Dr. Thorp is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with almost 44 years of obstetrical experience. While serving as a very busy clinician his entire career he has also been very active in clinical research with almost 200 publications.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski With Disturbing Information

Shocking details of the lengths the political and judicial class will go, to silence their critics.

7 July 2023

Nathaniel Pawlowski Searched And Questioned Upon Return From The EU

Nathaniel Pawlowski will drop in for a quick interview to tell us about his experience with Canadian Customs, after testifying at the European Parliament.

6 July 2023

Pastor Faces 10 Years In Prison

Pastor Art Pawlowski has been accused of contributing to $400 million in damages by holding a church service during the trucker blockade at the Coutts border crossing. He could be facing up to 10 years behind bars.

5 July 2023

Live With Dr. Vibeke Manniche

Dr. Vibeke Manniche from Denmark joins us today. Dr. Manniche has been involved with epidemiology on one way or another for 34 years. She was the only Danish doctor who from the beginning spoke out against lockdowns. She will talk about excess mortality and the possible consequences of the vaccines.

4 July 2023

Nova Scotia Paramedic & The National Citizen’s Inquiry

Nova Scotia Paramedic Chet Chisolm was on stress leave at the beginning of the pandemic. The lockdowns indefinitely cancelled his stress relief treatments. He felt forced to take one dose of the Pfizer vaccine and that has resulted in him developing pericarditis. He then threw himself into helping set up the Nova Scotia venue for the National Citizen’s Inquiry.

Nova Scotia Mother Outraged At School Sex Toy Presentations

Today we are joined by Ona a Nova Scotia mother who was shocked and angered at finding out what her local schools were handing out and displaying to schoolchildren.

Live With Alex Newman

President of Liberty Sentinel Media, Alex Newman joins us today. We will talk about some of the big Supreme Court decisions recently handed down. One of them strikes down US colleges from using Affirmative Action in deciding on applicants. The one just released today, rules that Biden cannot unilaterally forgive US student loan debt. And of course, we will talk about all the other happening is the US and Canada.