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17 March 2022

Dr. Ardis: "Covid is Not Over!"

I am joined today by Dr. Bryan Ardis, host of The Ardis Show, to talk about how our governments (US and Canada) are not interested in letting COVID go.

Follow Dr. Ardis by visiting his website at the link here:

Lee Harding Chats and Batman Spoilers!

Lee Harding is a journalist based in Saskatchewan, currently writing for The Epoch Times, here to talk to me about the Russian/Ukrainian conflict, and opinions regarding the messaging in the new Batman Movie!

Click the link to be taken to Lee Harding's Substack:

16 March 2022

9/11 Talks with Kristina Borjesson and Mitch Harrison

Kristina Borjesson and Mitch Harrison join me to discuss the events of, and leading up to, 9/11; an event that struck the US in such a panic, but also allowed us citizens to come together like never before.

Airport Update - March 13th

As I fly from San Diego to Washington, DC, I recount just how much Justin Trudeau has harmed unvaccinated Canadians, the truckers, and others who do not support him.

15 March 2022

The Fall of Bonnie Henry

Dr. Rob Johnson, a dentist, joins me to primarily talk about Bonnie Henry, and her fluctuating opinion regarding masking, vaccines and policy.